Our process always starts with WHY?

Why are you considering buying a property and what are you aiming to achieve from your purchase?
This is the most powerful question we can ask you, the buyer. It is from this question we can develop our strategic process.
We understand that every  situation is unique and we tailor our process to your “WHY”.


Full Service Property Acquisition

The Brief:

This is all about you. Our initial meeting is focused on fact finding. We take the time to truly understand what you are aiming to achieve from your purchase and most importantly why. We discuss your preferences, requirements, budget, the type of property and we take a close look at the outcome you are trying to achieve. We discuss a potential strategy based on your requirements that will outline the process to purchase. We also discuss in depth how a Buyers Agent can assist you in the purchase of a property and answer any questions you may have around the entire process.

Research, Inspect and Shortlist

It’s down to work. Upon engagement we immediately commence researching specific properties that highly match your brief. This extensive research is done online and offline utilising our extensive networks and access to Off Market, Pre Market and On Market properties. We can also approach a specific property on your behalf if you have heart set on that that perfect home.

Once we have identified the most suitable properties we will provide a shortlist for your review.  Based on your selection we personally inspect each property either through private viewings or Open for Inspections. Many of our clients like to join us on a second inspection based our analysis of the property.

Analyse and Evaluate

Once you have decided on the most appropriate property we move quickly to analyse and evaluate the property (due diligence) to give you as much information as possible to secure the property promptly and at the best possible price. We will provide you with a detailed property report, Comparable Sales close the property and recommended an accurate price guide using industry only research and analytical tools.

Negotiate and Secure

Now we have all the relevant data, we work with you to develop the best strategy for securing the property. This strategy outlines your best price offer, settlement terms and how we aim to secure the property. We then commence strong negotiations on your behalf to secure the property at the lowest price. Remember we represent you and you alone. Once your offer has been accepted we work quickly with you and all relevant parties to ensure a prompt exchange of contracts. If the property is going to auction we would ideally like to secure the property prior. If this is not possible we develop the most appropriate bidding strategy and bid on your behalf.

We’re with you all the way! During the settlement process there are many parties involved. We remain available to you at all times and we will assist where possible to ensure the process is smooth and stress free.

Journey to Settlement


Analyse, Evaluate and Secure

This service is highly beneficial if you have found a property and require a professional assessment and evaluation.  We are able to provide you with a detailed property report, Competitive market analysis and accurate price guide using highly analytical industry only data tools.

We work with you and all relevant parties to work through the due diligence process. Once we have established an accurate price range we negotiate hard to secure the property at the best possible price. Remember we work for you and you alone. This  service encompasses steps 3 through to 5 on our Full service Property Acquisition.

Auctions can be a daunting and stressful process when buying property. Most buyers have concerns of underquoting around auctions, or allowing your emotional attachment to the property and paying too much. We can bid on your behalf and we work with you to develop the best possible bidding strategy. We have access to highly accurate data to assist you in ascertaining a price guide for the property and ensuring you don’t over pay. Having the all the facts and a skilled professional on your side can make the auction process a stress free experience.